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Advanced Software Testing - Vol. 3--New from Rocky Nook: Guide to the ISTQB Advanced Certification as an Advanced Technical Test Analyst

August 2, 2011

Advanced Software Testing - Vol. 3

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Santa Barbara, CA—August 2, 2011—Advanced Software Testing—Vol. 3 (Rocky Nook, $49.95 USD) is written for the technical test analyst who wants to achieve advanced skills in test analysis, design, and execution. With a hands-on, exercise-rich approach, this book teaches you how to define and carry out the tasks required to put a test strategy into action.

Learn how to evaluate system requirements and designs as part of formal and informal reviews, using an understanding of the underlying technology. You will be able to analyze, design, implement, and execute tests using risk considerations to determine the appropriate effort and priority for tests. You will also learn how to report on testing progress and provide necessary evidence to support your evaluations of system quality.

This book will help you prepare for the ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst exam. Included are sample exam questions for most of the learning objectives covered by the ISTQB Advanced Level syllabus. The ISTQB certification program is the world's leading software tester certification program. You can be confident in the value and international stature that the Advanced Technical Test Analyst certificate will offer you.

With a quarter-century of software and systems engineering experience, author Rex Black is President of RBCS; a leader in software, hardware, and systems testing; and the most prolific author practicing in the field of software testing today. Previously, he served as President of both the International and American Software Testing Qualifications Boards (ISTQB and ASTQB).

Jamie Mitchell is a consultant who has been working in software testing, test automation, and development for over 20 years. He is a member of the Technical Advisory Group for ASTQB.

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About the Authors

Rex Black, with over a quarter-century of software and systems engineering experience, is President of Rex Black Consulting Services (www.rbcs- us.com), a leader in software, hardware, and systems testing. For over fifteen years RBCS has delivered services in consulting, outsourcing, and training for software and hardware testing. Employing the industry's most experienced and recognized consultants; RBCS conducts product testing, builds and improves testing groups, and hires testing staff for hundreds of clients worldwide. Ranging from Fortune 20 companies to start-ups, RBCS clients save time and money through improved product development, decreased tech support calls, improved corporate reputation, and more.

As the leader of RBCS, Rex is the most prolific author practicing in the field of software testing today. His popular first book, Managing the Testing Process, has sold over 40,000 copies around the world, including Japanese, Chinese, and Indian releases, and is now in its third edition. His six other books on testing—Advanced Software Testing: Volumes I, II, and III, Critical Testing Processes, Foundations of Software Testing, and Pragmatic Software Testing—have also sold tens of thousands of copies, including Hebrew, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian editions. He has written over thirty articles; presented hundreds of papers, workshops, and seminars; and given about fifty keynote and other speeches at conferences and events around the world. Rex is the immediate past President of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and a Director of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB).

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Jamie L Mitchell has over 28 years of experience in developing and testing both hardware and software. He is a pioneer in the test automation field and has worked with a variety of vendor and open-source test automation tools since the first Windows tools were released with Windows 3.0. He has also written test tools for several platforms.

Jamie specializes in increasing the productivity of automation and test teams through innovative ideas and custom tool extensions. In addition, he provides training, mentoring, process auditing, and expert technical support in all aspects of testing and automation.

Jamie is the former Lead Automation Engineer for American Express Distributed Integration Test / Worldwide, and has successfully designed and implemented test automation projects for many top companies including American Express, Mayo Clinic, IBM AS/400 division, ShowCase Corporation, and others. He has also served as the Director of the International Institute for Software Testing.

Jamie holds a Master of Computer Science degree from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, and a Certified Software Test Engineer certification from QAI. He was an instructor and board member of the International Institute of Software Testing (IIST) and a contributing editor, technical editor, and columnist for the Journal of Software Testing Professionals. He has been a frequent speaker on testing and automation at several international conferences, including STAR, QAI, and PSQT.

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Advanced Software Testing - Vol. 3 Advanced Software Testing - Vol. 3
Publisher: Rocky Nook
By Rex Black, Jamie L Mitchell
Print ISBN: 9781933952390  
Pages: 608
Print Price: $49.95  

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