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Media alert: October 4, 2011

In the below grouping you'll find titles from our Missing Manual and Head First series, as well as a new book on using the Mintduino microcontroller kit and highly anticipated titles on MVC3, Jenkins, Drupal, and EPUB 3. We've also included a new instructional video and the hot-topic tome, Privacy and Big Data. We thank you, as always, for your interest. Please request review copies using the button below and don't hesitate to contact us with questions or feedback.

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Mary LudloffMary Ludloff

Terence and Mary work at PatternBuilders, a Big Data Analytics solutions and services company, where Terence is the CEO and CTO, and Mary the VP of marketing. Terence has an extensive background in building, implementing, and selling analytically-driven enterprise applications. When it comes to marketing Mary has, in her own words, "been there, done that and often, with little or no budget." Their new book, Privacy and Big Data, introduces you to the players in the personal data game, and explains the stark differences in how the U.S., Europe, and the rest of the world approach the privacy issue.