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The Cult of LEGO®--New from No Starch Press: A Full-Color, Coffee Table Book for LEGO Fans

October 20, 2011

San Francisco, CA, October 20, 2011—Once they reach high school many LEGO fans put their bricks in the attic. But for countless more, LEGO bricks are a key part of their adult professional and social lives. Known affectionately as Adult Fans of LEGO, or AFOLs, these builders love those colorful plastic bricks so much that their devotion borders on cultish adulation.

Tens of thousands of AFOLs attend conventions to meet with like-minded builders, and they spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating scale replicas of Yankee Stadium and World War II battleships, robotic chess sets, and life-sized dinosaurs. Builders post their creations online to be shared with fans of all ages around the world. Their innovations—and the proud builders themselves—are featured in The Cult of LEGO (No Starch Press, November 2011, full color, hardcover, 304 pp., $39.95, ISBN 9781593273910).

Whether readers are eight-year-olds just beginning to explore ways to build outside the LEGO box or longtime fans with years of experience, this stunning, full-color coffee table book offers a fascinating, inside look at the large and diverse community of serious LEGO builders. Written and compiled by GeekDad blogger John Baichtal and BrickJournal Editor Joe Meno, The Cult of LEGO is a kind of passport into the LEGO community. "I wanted to show to the public the many things the LEGO fan community has done," said Meno. "Seeing the awesome work of my fellow builders inspires me to push my abilities with my own LEGO creations."

The timelessness and near-limitless potential of what a builder can create with LEGO bricks have played a critical role in the toy's continued success and the LEGO Group's billions of dollars in sales. "With LEGO, an adult can prototype an invention or create a museum-worthy work of art," said Baichtal. "Even so, those bricks never lost any of their whimsy, and children and adults simply love playing with them."

In the end, most adults use LEGO bricks for the same reason kids do: to have fun. "We're all members of the Cult of LEGO—the only membership requirement is clicking two pieces of plastic together and wanting to click more," said GeekDad blogger and AFOL Jim Kelly. "Now we have a book that justifies our obsession."

For more information, to request a review copy, or to schedule an interview with the authors, contact Rachel Waner at No Starch Press (nostarchpr@oreilly.com, +1.415.863.9900 x109), or visit www.nostarch.com.

Sample pages from The Cult of LEGO:

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About the Authors

John Baichtal is a contributor to MAKE magazine and Wired's GeekDad blog. He has written for legendary tabletop magazines Dragon and Dungeon, as well as for Kobold Quarterly and 2600: The Hacker Quarterly.

Joe Meno is the founder of BrickJournal, a print and online LEGO fan magazine. He has organized and run LEGO fan events, acted as an advisor on LEGO projects, and helped design LEGO sets.

Advance Praise for The Cult of LEGO:

"I defy you to read and admire this book and not want to doodle with some bricks by the time you're done."
—Gareth Branwyn, editor in chief, MAKE: Online

"This fascinating look at the world of devoted LEGO fans deserves a place on the bookshelf of anyone who's ever played with LEGO bricks."
—Chris Anderson, editor in chief, Wired

"A crazy fun read, from cover to cover, this book deserves a special spot on the bookshelf of any self-respecting nerd."
—Jake McKee, former global community manager, the LEGO Group

"An excellent book and a must-have for any LEGO enthusiast out there. The pictures are awesome!"
—Ulrik Pilegaard, author of Forbidden LEGO

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The Cult of LEGO The Cult of LEGO
Publisher: No Starch Press
by John Baichtal and Joe Meno
ISBN 9781593273910, $39.95 USD  
November 2011, 304 pp.

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This unofficial book is not endorsed or authorized by the LEGO Group.

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