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Start Here!™ Learn Microsoft® Visual C#® 2010--New from Microsoft Press

October 27, 2011

Sebastopol, CA—Ready to learn programming? With Start Here!™ Learn Microsoft® Visual C#® 2010 (Microsoft Press, $34.99 USD) you will learn the fundamentals of modern programming with Visual C# 2010—and begin building your first apps for the desktop and web. If you have absolutely no previous experience, no problem—simply start here. This book introduces must-know concepts and techniques through easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and exercises.

"Most current C# books use a college course approach to teaching the language, but not everyone learns well that way," says author John Paul Mueller. "This book uses a hands-on, program-now-learn-the-language-later approach. It's akin to the difference between taking music courses or learning to play an instrument by ear. Some people learn better with the first approach, others the second approach."

Mueller continues, "More and more people are learning to write applications because computers in all forms are becoming a more essential part of everyday living. However, I'm facing more non-professionals today who want to get something done now—not in a month or so after learning all of the ins and outs of the language. Think about someone in the field who uses computers to study ancient civilizations. They need to write a program to request additional information from various web services and aren't interested in getting a degree in computer science to do it. This book will get them going in an extremely short time."

Here's where you start learning Visual C#:

  • Learn how an application performs tasks by tracing its code
  • Query and manipulate application data with LINQ
  • Access web services with REST and SOAP
  • Build simple apps with Windows® Presentation Foundation
  • Explore rich Internet apps with Microsoft Silverlight®
  • Find and fix errors by debugging your applications
  • Put it all together by creating your first programs

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About the Author

John Paul Mueller is a freelance author and a technical editor. He has writing in his blood, having produced 49 books and more than 200 articles to date. The topics range from networking to artificial intelligence and from database management to heads-down programming. His current books include a COM+ programmer's guide and a book designed to help with home and small office networking. His technical editing skills have helped more than 25 authors refine the content of their manuscripts, some of which are certification related. In addition to book projects, John has provided technical editing services to both Data Based Advisor and Coast Compute magazines. A recognized authority on computer industry certifications, he's also contributed certification-related articles to magazines such as Visual Basic® Developer and SQL Server® Professional.

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Start Here! Learn Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Start Here!™ Learn Microsoft® Visual C#® 2010
Publisher: Microsoft Press
By John Paul Mueller
Print ISBN: 9780735657724   Ebook ISBN: 9780735657717  
Pages: 394
Print Price: $34.99   Ebook Price: $27.99  

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