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Pragmatic Guide to Sass--New from Pragmatic Bookshelf

December 15, 2011

Pragmatic Guide to Sass

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Raleigh, NC—CSS is fundamental to the web, but it's a basic language and lacks many features. Sass is just like CSS, but with a whole lot of extra power so you can get more done, more quickly.

Build better web pages today with Pragmatic Guide to Sass (Pragmatic Bookshelf, $25.00 USD). These concise, easy-to-digest tips and techniques are the shortcuts experienced CSS developers need to start developing in Sass today.

Written by Sass creator Hampton Catlin and Michael Lintorn Catlin, Pragmatic Guide to Sass shows you how to improve your CSS, from the basics to advanced topics, from first installation to sprucing up your buttons. You'll see how to code the right way in Sass thanks to short, clear examples.

Two-page spreads show the explanation on one side and code examples on the other. You'll learn how to improve your pages in minutes.

You'll be able to perform amazing feats of CSS including using variables, calculating layouts, and modifying colors. Did you ever want to make a color 10% less saturated? We'll show you how to do that without needing a calculator.

Plus, learn about Compass, Sass's library of carefully built hacks, reusable parts, and frameworks. Find out how to shortcut cross-browser issues and develop mixins for shortening text and making lists more exciting. You'll wonder how you spent all those years styling sites without it!

Make things even easier with Blueprint, and discover how to use its predefined classes that you can apply to your Web site. From selector scoping to bundling, debugging, and designing custom functions, Pragmatic Guide to Sass will help you build the pages you've always wanted.

Available in epub, mobi, and PDF direct from the publisher and in paperback from fine bookstores worldwide.

What People are Saying

Chock-full of unexpected goodies such as extras on Compass and Haml, Pragmatic Guide to Sass is hands-down the best Sass resource printed to date—a must-read for web developers and smart designers.
Dan Kissell, Codenicely.com

Michael and Hampton, in Pragmatic Guide to Sass, have put together the most comprehensive and thought-out guide to Sass to date— It teaches you how to become a CSS heavyweight without the bloated CSS. This book should be on every web developer's shelf (and e-reader).
Andrew Chalkley, technical writer, Screencasts.org

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About the Authors

Hampton Catlin is the inventor of Sass, a CSS generating language, and the Haml markup language. He is the original creator of Wikipedia Mobile (m.wikipedia.org) and is also the creator of several successful iPhone applications including Dictionary!

View Hampton Catlin's full profile page.

Michael Lintorn Catlin is a Biologist and PhD dropout. He holds one masters from the University of Oxford in biochemistry and another masters from the University of Cambridge in developmental biology.

View Michael Lintorn Catlin's full profile page.

Additional Resources
For more information about the book, including: code, errata, discussions, full table of contents, excerpts from the book and more, see the catalog page for Pragmatic Guide to Sass.

Pragmatic Guide to Sass Pragmatic Guide to Sass
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
By Hampton Catlin, Michael Lintorn Catlin
Print ISBN: 9781934356845  
Pages: 100 (est.)
Print Price: $25.00  

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