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New exclusive Supercap Racer added to the popular line of Mintronics kits in the Maker Shed

December 20, 2011

Supercap Racer Kit
Make: Projects

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Sebastopol, CA—Dec. 20, 2011—Supercap Racer kits are easy to build and fun to race—they recharge in seconds for crazy racing action. Hours of fun once assembled, the Supercap Racer ($24.99 USD) can be easily hacked, customized, or modified. It's an ideal soldering project for someone who wants to hone their skills, and assembly takes about 30 minutes. Have races, battles, or a tricked out stunt show—it's all up to you and your imagination.

The latest in the popular Mintronics line of DIY kits, this tiny racecar kit fits into a mint tin, and it uses a supercapacitor for instant juice. Supercapacitors act as rechargeable batteries, but store and release energy much faster—perfect for quick-charge gadgets and power-on-demand circuits.

For more information on Supercap Racer kits, including a video, photos, and instructions on Make: Projects, see this blogpost from Maker Shed Evangelist Michael Castor: http://oreil.ly/vgL9io

Why Kits?
Kits are a gateway to learning and creativity, and to mastering new skills and technologies. With the Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012, and all the great kits available in the Maker Shed now, Maker Media is reminding the world of that, and tapping into a surge of excitement around all things DIY. Kits are great for beginners, they're fun to share, and they've got something to offer the maker in everyone.

"We hope that the Ultimate Kit Guide will inspire a new generation of people to become active creators of the things that they use in their daily lives," says MAKE magazine Editor-in-Chief Mark Frauenfelder.

Kits also help create the kind of highly skilled amateurs who drive innovation and economic renewal—from the steam engine kits that kicked off the Industrial Revolution, to the kit computers in the 1970s that launched Apple, Microsoft, and the computer revolution. It's happening right now in 3D printing, CNC machining, robotics, microcontrollers, and many other fields that are being transformed by enthusiastic hobbyists getting their hands on technology that's powerful and fun.

Kit-a-Day Giveaway
In celebration of our special Make: Ultimate Kit Guide, we're holding a spectacular kits giveaway on makezine.com. Every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we'll give away some of the coolest kits from the Guide. Included among the prizes are five brand-new MakerBot Kits valued at $1,300 each. That's right, we're giving away five MakerBots! Tune into makezine.com every day, Nov. 25 - Dec. 23, for your chance to win.

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