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New Release from Microsoft Press--Start Here!™ Learn the Kinect™ API

July 11, 2012

Microsoft Press

Start Here! Learn the Kinect API

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Sebastopol, CA—Ready to learn Kinect programming? Start Here!™ Learn the Kinect™ API (Microsoft Press, $34.99 USD) teaches you the fundamentals of programming with the Kinect™ API—and begin building apps that use motion tracking, voice recognition, and more.

"The Kinect sensor can be used to create genuinely new applications and user interface experiences," says author Rob Miles (@RobMiles). "Once a developer knows how the sensor works, and how it can be used from their programs, they can start to find new ways to use the device and create brand new applications and games."

"The Kinect sensor is just getting started," says Miles. "New versions, while working in fundamentally the same way, will provide even greater resolution and performance. This just broadens the scope for Kinect enabled applications even more, and means that the future is going to be even more exicting."

Start Here!™ Learn the Kinect™ API introduces must-know concepts and techniques through easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and exercises.

  • Build an application to display Kinect video on your PC
  • Have Kinect take photographs when it detects movement
  • Draw on a computer screen by moving your finger in the air
  • Track your body gestures and use them to control a program
  • Make a program that understands your speech and talks back to you
  • Play a part in your own augmented reality game
  • Create an "air piano" using Kinect with a MIDI device

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About the Author

Rob Miles has been teaching computer programming for more than 25 years. An expert on Visual C#® and a Microsoft® MVP for Device Application Development, Rob enjoys inspiring new and experienced programmers. As well as writing his own games, programs, and poetry, Rob has consulted on a wide range of commercial software projects.

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Start Here! Learn the Kinect API Start Here!™ Learn the Kinect™ API
Publisher: Microsoft Press
By Rob Miles
Print ISBN: 9780735663961   Ebook ISBN: 9780735663947  
Pages: 272
Print Price: $34.99   Ebook Price: $27.99  

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