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Photoshop CS6 Unlocked, 2nd Edition--New from SitePoint: 101 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

August 16, 2012

Photoshop CS6 Unlocked, 2nd Edition

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Sebastopol, CA—SitePoint, the technology training resources publisher for web professionals, has just launched the 2nd edition of its best-selling book, Photoshop CS6 Unlocked: 101 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (SitePoint, $39.95) by Corrie Haffly. An impressive 448 pages, it takes readers through everything they need to get started and then master Photoshop CS6 for their web projects.

Photoshop CS6 is the latest version of Adobe's industry-leading image editor, and includes a series of new creative design tools (such as Content-Aware), as well as a fully redesigned interface.

"Photoshop CS6 Unlocked is the must-have handbook for web designers wanting to learn Photoshop CS6," explained SitePoint Co-founder Matt Mickiewicz. "In this 2012 edition, readers receive all they need to unlock the power of Photoshop and greatly increase their web design productivity."

Readers of the book will learn how to:

  • Get started with Photoshop
  • Manipulate and make text stand out
  • Enhance, combine, and adjust web images
  • Design a full website layout in Photoshop
  • Use Photoshop's new video editing features

"In Photoshop CS6 Unlocked: 101 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques, author Corrie Haffly demonstrates how to use Photoshop to quickly and easily develop website backgrounds and buttons," said Mr. Mickiewicz. "The updates in this 2nd edition include creating and using sprites, as well as tons of time-saving tips."

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About the Author

Corrie Haffly graduated from UC Davis with a degree in mathematics. She created her first simple HTML page in 1998, after which she began working for Advantrics LLC in 2000. Here she brought its PixelMill and John Galt's Templates brands to the top of the website template market. Corrie went freelance from 2004 to 2010, before joining Synteractive as their lead designer. She lives in Davis with her husband and two sons.

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Additional Resources
Photoshop CS6 Unlocked is available right now in printed and ebook formats. To download free sample chapters and view the table of contents, visit:

Photoshop CS6 Unlocked, 2nd Edition Photoshop CS6 Unlocked, 2nd Edition
Publisher: SitePoint
By Corrie Haffly
Print ISBN: 9780987247872   Ebook ISBN: 9780987247889  
Pages: 350
Print Price: $39.95   Ebook Price: $29.00  

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