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O’Reilly and Google Announce Inaugural TensorFlow World

March 6, 2019

Boston, MAO’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, and Google today announced the inaugural TensorFlow World, a four-day conference that brings together the vibrant and growing TensorFlow ecosystem, covering its use in data centers, in mobile phones, by researchers and in industry. Co-presented by O’Reilly and the TensorFlow team, the conference will be held from October 28–31 in Santa Clara, CA.

Growing from its origins at Google, TensorFlow is an entire end-to-end open source machine learning ecosystem, covering many platforms and programming languages in industry, education and research. Through detailed case studies and informative sessions, the event will explore the latest developments in TensorFlow, from research to production, in addition to highlighting popular application areas, including healthcare, finance, robotics, IoT and more.

“We’re excited to partner with Google to host the first TensorFlow event of this scale,” said Ben Lorica, O’Reilly Chief Data Scientist and TensorFlow World co-chair. “This new conference will highlight TensorFlow’s diverse community of machine learning users and the unique projects they’re working on. Our aim is to foster discussion on new ways to apply and accelerate machine learning.”

“TensorFlow has fueled extraordinary success in deep learning and machine learning projects,” said Edd Wilder-James, Open Source Strategist at Google and TensorFlow World co-chair. “As TensorFlow continues to evolve, we want to bring together the entire community so they can share valuable insights, learn from each other’s success and, in turn, build upon those positive outcomes to find new ways to create and deploy machine learning models.”

TensorFlow World is currently seeking speaking proposals from machine learning practitioners, developers, product managers, researchers and business leaders to share their experience with TensorFlow on stage. Those who use TensorFlow to build their organization’s products or services, deploy TensorFlow to push the boundaries of what is possible, or use machine learning to navigate new opportunities are invited to submit here.

Call for presentations will close on April 23 and conference registration will open on June 18.

About TensorFlow

TensorFlow is Google's end-to-end open source machine learning platform. In the three years since launch, TensorFlow has matured into an entire end-to-end machine learning (ML) ecosystem helping to power the ML revolution we see happening around us. It has been downloaded over 41 million times and has over 1,800 contributors from around the world. TensorFlow as a comprehensive ML platform is helping a diverse set of practitioners, researchers, and new users to build amazing new solutions to solve challenging problems with AI.

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