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Data- and AI-Related Topics Grew More than 50 Percent from Last Year on O’Reilly’s Learning Platform

August 26, 2019

Data Scientists are Upskilling and Reskilling to Better Understand and Use AI and Machine Learning Technologies

BOSTON MAO’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, today announced the results of its upcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) report, “How Organizations are Sharpening their Skills to Better Understand and Use AI,” which explores the data- and AI-related topics technology experts are most interested in learning as AI adoption in the enterprise continues to grow.

In reviewing consumption patterns and topic preferences of users on O’Reilly’s learning platform, the findings showed that those central to building AI applications increased the most, year-over-year, from 2018. Specific topics include machine learning (up 58%), data science (up 53%), data engineering (up 58%) and AI itself (up 52%). This rapid growth in consumption of content on these topics reveals that organizations and individuals are taking AI training and adoption seriously.

Echoing the results of O’Reilly’s “AI Adoption in the Enterprise” survey issued earlier this year, this report suggests that a lack of skilled employees was a big barrier to organizations’ adoption of AI technologies. The report also found that adopting and sustaining AI and machine learning technologies will require businesses to upskill and retrain their workforces on relevant topics.

“With the rise of AI, organizations in all industries are experiencing evolving work demands and skills requirements,” said Ben Lorica, O'Reilly chief data scientist and AI Conference chair. “Both executives and employees are worried about how emerging technologies are changing their jobs and how they should prepare for them. Continuous professional development is crucial for organizations seeking to implement digital, data and AI technologies in ways that are practical and profitable for their business.”

Other notable findings include:

  • Overall content usage across all topics combined on O’Reilly’s platform grew by 8 percent from 2018 to 2019 (January to July).
  • Python-related topics were the most consumed content type, with several titles focused mainly on data science and machine learning application.
  • Machine learning (58%) and data engineering (58%) experienced the biggest jumps in topic consumption.

The findings can be found here. Designed to sharpen data scientists’ skills and understanding of AI and machine learning, O’Reilly and Intel will host the upcoming O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, taking place from September 9-12 in San Jose, Calif.

Conference registration is now open, and a limited number of media passes are available for qualified journalists and analysts. For questions regarding media credentials, contact Gina Devine at pr@oreilly.com. For media queries or scheduling interviews, contact OReilly@famapr.com.

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