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O'Reilly Adds New Learning Formats to its Learning Platform

September 20, 2019

Improvements Enable Users to Tap Expertise of Leading Tech Innovators, Access Interactive Content and Better Measure Consumption in O’Reilly’s Learning Ecosystem

BOSTON MAO’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, today announced several new platform features to enhance the learning experience for its 2.5 million users. These new capabilities include Expert Playlists, Jupyter Notebooks, and an update to its Insights API.

Expert Playlists provide high-value, in-demand content curated by the most respected names in technology and business, including ThoughtWorks’ Neal Ford, Two Sigma’s Camille Fournier and O’Reilly’s own Founder and CEO, Tim O’Reilly. A public sharing feature enables users access to playlists from peer-to-peer, across an organization and with O’Reilly users outside of an individual’s organization, enabling teams to build new skills together. Content options span multiple topics and modes, including O’Reilly books, videos, learning paths and more.

“Anyone who is an expert on a subject has a unique perspective on what people ought to learn, often in the process sharing something about their own learning history,” said Tim O’Reilly. “In the expert playlists I created, I try to give a starting point to follow my journey on some of the topics that I think a lot about and where I am still learning.”

O’Reilly’s Insights API helps customers more accurately measure learning consumption by integrating user data from O’Reilly Online Learning into their own Learning Management System (LMS). Insights API offers greater performance, increased security, more accurate and finer-grain topic details and true user identification, so see how employees are learning on an individual level.

The Insights API is an extension of major updates to O’Reilly’s Insights Dashboard launched earlier this year, enabling business leaders to go beyond completion metrics and access deeper-level insights into specific learning behaviors. This functionality provides a single-pane-of-glass view into learning modules—from linear and nonlinear learning patterns to deepening and broadening topic engagement—arming leaders with actionable data to better understand and measure how their teams learn.

Jupyter Notebooks is another new and notable addition to O’Reilly Online Learning. This enables users to apply the skills they’re reading about in real-time with interactive Jupyter Notebooks, input, edit, run code and render live results aligned with the author’s explanation and download notebooks to read, review and practice with later.

For more information about O’Reilly Online Learning and to start using these features now, visit www.oreilly.com.

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