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O’Reilly Launches Radar to Help Organizations Understand and Embrace What’s Next in Technology and Business

October 15, 2019

New Radar research uncovers how Next Architecture helps organizations deliver an improved customer experience and produce software that’s more flexible and resilient

BOSTONO’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, today announced the launch of Radar, a new research, analysis, and opinion process that helps organizations uncover and explore emerging technology themes, empowering them to succeed amid constant change.

Radar assimilates signals and data to track, map, and identify the most impactful technology topics for businesses, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, innovation and disruption, the future of the firm, Next Architecture, and the Next Economy. Radar provides tools and resources to help those facing decisions about the direction of their enterprise technology.

“O’Reilly has long been a trusted source for insights and analysis about the latest business and technology trends—and Radar helps us further that commitment,” said Roger Magoulas, vice president of Radar at O’Reilly. “Through a unique mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis, Radar provides the insights organizations need to make decisions about technology, strategy, purpose, and mission.”

In its most recent research, Radar explores the growing adoption of microservices, cloud, containers, and orchestration, signaling a paradigm shift called “Next Architecture.” To better support digital business processes and better meet customer expectations, Next Architecture focuses on decomposition as a foundational principle. Decomposition involves breaking large tasks into granular, function-specific units that can be endlessly combined, upgraded, and integrated to create highly complex, dynamic systems. This flexible and adaptable approach helps enterprise organizations scale new projects and migrate legacy systems, creating better user and customer experiences.

“Next Architecture is a way of thinking about and designing systems that promises to be more future-proof than traditional monolith approaches,” added Magoulas. “We’re already seeing a new layer of expectations around what software and software architecture can deliver—both from the customer’s perspective and from those charged with deploying new products and services.”

Organizations are beginning to understand that building agile, resilient, and scalable digital properties is intrinsic to their success and ability to compete. For more detail on what comprises Next Architecture and how your organization can benefit from it, please see the recent O’Reilly Radar report, “What Is Next Architecture?

For 40 years, O’Reilly has been curating and sharing the world-shaping ideas of innovators through content, conferences, and online learning experiences. Radar has played a key role in the development and amplification of influential themes over the course of the company’s history, including open source, Web 2.0, big data, DevOps, the Next Economy, and more.

For more information about O’Reilly Radar and to see how it can benefit your organization, please visit https://www.oreilly.com/radar/.

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