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Moock's Highly Praised New Edition Helps Programmers Master Flash MX: O'Reilly Releases "ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition"

January 17, 2003

Sebastopol, CA--Updated to cover Flash MX, the newest version of Macromedia Flash, "ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition" by Colin Moock (O'Reilly, US $54.95) is the one book no serious Flash developer should be without. Even the experts agree: "ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide is unquestionably the essential book for ActionScript programming in Flash MX. It has proven invaluable even for the engineers on the Macromedia Flash team, who see it as complementary to our own product documentation. Moock's meticulous attention to detail, evident throughout this fine volume, combined with his easygoing instructional style, ensure the book will be appreciated by newcomers and experts alike," says Gary Grossman, creator of ActionScript, Macromedia.

ActionScript is Macromedia's programming language for Flash MX, the popular authoring tool for creating rich internet applications and animations for the Web. With Macromedia's new focus on application development, ActionScript now includes a direct drawing API, loading of external MP3 and JPG files, improved sound control, an extensive set of text formatting tools, complete support for component development using movie clip subclasses, local data storage, accessibility features, and much more. And "ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide" is the most complete, up-to-date reference available for the latest version of this language.

The new edition includes hundreds of new code examples to show fresh Flash MX techniques in the real world: how to draw circles, save data to disk, convert arrays to onscreen tables, create reusable components, and preload variables, XML, and sounds. The book's language reference alone has nearly doubled from the first edition, with more than 250 new classes, objects, methods, and properties.

Along with the new material, Moock has meticulously revised the entire text to conform to Flash MX best-coding practices. In particular, objected-oriented programming and the new event model get special attention in light of changes to Flash MX ActionScript.

"ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide" is structured so non-programmers can learn how to use ActionScript and programmers can take their skills to new heights.

Experts' praise for the new edition:

"Like its predecessor, 'ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition' (ASDG2) is the must-have book for ActionScript developers. Moock has delivered a comprehensive revision that not only details the myriad of new features in Flash MX, but explains the underlying shifts in methodology (especially with components and events) in a clear and accessible manner."
--Robert Penner, Author of "Robert Penner's Programming Macromedia Flash MX"

"I love this book. It's an approachable, yet incredibly in-depth exploration of ActionScript. If you're working with Flash MX--designer or programmer--this is a must-have."
--Hillman Curtis, Founder of hillmancurtis, inc., Author of "Flash Web Design" and "MTIV:Process, Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer"

"You can't talk about this book without resorting to superlatives. Moock's ASDG2 is the most essential book on Flash programming you can buy. An exhaustive and indispensable reference, it pays equal attention to standard cases, best practices, and hidden gotchas. There is no ActionScripter who can't learn more about the language through reading it."
--Nigel Pegg, Component Engineer, Macromedia (Developer of the Flash UI Components)

"As a developer, instructor, and fellow author, I can't praise ASDG2 enough. This book is simply indispensable for anyone working with Macromedia Flash. Colin has an incredible mastery of ActionScript and is able to convey his knowledge in a clear, concise, and often witty manner."
--Branden J. Hall, Flashcoders List Founder/Admin, Author of "Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript"

"Colin has once again created a must-have reference for Flash developers. The in-depth coverage of Flash MX ActionScript is the most comprehensive resource and reference available. ASDG2 will once again be my reference of choice."
--Dave Yang, CEO and Developer, Quantumwave Interactive Inc.

"When the first edition of this book came out, it included information that simply did not exist anywhere else. This is twice as true for the second edition, which now deals with the ever more complex Flash MX. Once again, Moock and O'Reilly have produced the best- written, most organized, and meticulously proofed resource for Flash MX developers of all levels. Whether you are designer, programmer, or artist, this book is invaluable to your development and expression with Flash MX."
--Amit Pitaru, Artist and Technologist (www.pitaru.com, www.insertsilence.com), Pratt Institute & NYU Instructor, Contributor to New Masters of Flash: The 2002 Annual

"This book is the 'End All' ActionScript resource by the man who quite frankly started it all."
--Todd Purgason, Creative Director and Co-founder of Juxt Interactive, Author of "Flash Deconstruction"

"ASDG2 is a brilliantly concise and direct resource. It is broad and thorough, leaving practically no stone in Flash unturned. It is the only Flash book that I own, and there are many times that I would have been left tearing out my hair without it. Something about the way that Colin structures information and ideas makes even the most gruesomely technical regions of Flash seem natural to me."
--James Patterson, Artist (www.presstube.com), Contributor to New Masters of Flash

"ASDG2 is the only place to go to learn how to take advantage of everything Flash MX can actually do. Macromedia doesn't even go into the detail that Colin Moock does. Whether you are taking a week to learn ActionScript or have an hour to work around a problem, ASDG2 is the only reference that will get you through it. Best of all, Moock is a wonderful writer, and he's excited! Never has a book on programming been so enjoyable to read."
--Josh Ulm, Founder of ioResearch Studios and The Remedi Project

"Moock's book is the one that never leaves the desktop. Whether you need answers in the middle of a tight project deadline or are looking to deepen your coding knowledge, it's the invaluable guide to the ins and outs of ActionScript."
--Glenn Thomas, Director and Founder, Smashing Ideas, Inc., Author, "Flash Studio Secrets," Coauthor of "Flash Enabled"

"ASDG2 is quite simply the most precise, well constructed book on Flash programming in print. Colin Moock obviously has a passion for getting it right."
--Jared Tarbell, Computational Artisan, (www.levitated.net), Contributor to Flash Math Creativity and Fresh Flash

"While there's a vast array of Flash books on the market (including my own!), time and time again, I recommend only one book: Colin Moock's ASDG2. Whether on its own or as a companion to any other Flash book you might buy, Colin's book provides a definitive holy grail of new concepts for Flash professionals around the world, and helps us keep our syntax correct!"
--Joshua Davis, Artist and Technologist (www.praystation.com), Author of "Flash to the Core"

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ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition
Colin Moock
ISBN 0-596-00396-x, 1051 pages, $54.95 (US), $85.95 (CAN), 38.95 (UK)
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