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Navigating the Mac OS "Auto Pilot" With AppleScript in a Nutshell

June 8, 2001

Sebastopol, CA--Everyone knows computers are here to make our lives easier and more efficient--right? Still, many Macintosh users repeat the same dull and time-consuming computing tasks hour after hour--open email program, create new message window, type in email address, etc.--instead of viewing these actions as a sequence that can be automated. There is an easier way though--using AppleScript, the popular programming language that gives both power users and sophisticated enterprise customers the important ability to automate repetitive tasks and customize applications. "Not enough Macintosh users are even aware that their computer comes installed with this great tool. They tend to become distracted by the inner workings (or failings) of their favorite programs, to the point where they become less productive. As a powerful automation tool, AppleScript can thus free users from the bondage of machine-like behavior," says Bruce W. Perry, author of the new O'Reilly book, AppleScript in a Nutshell (US $29.95).

Aimed at power users, graphics professionals, and script novices alike, AppleScript in a Nutshell is the first complete reference for AppleScript. "Readers will be able to use it as a reference next to their Macs as they write new scripts," explains Perry. "They will specifically learn how to program various system elements to which I have devoted separate chapters, such as speech technology, Sherlock, Network Setup Scripting, and Folder Actions."

AppleScript in a Nutshell also provides detailed coverage of the latest updates and improvements in AppleScript Version 1.4 and beyond, on Mac OS 9 as well as the new Mac OS X. Complete descriptions of AppleScript's features, plus hundreds of code samples on programming the various "scriptable" system components such as File Exchange, Web scripting, the ColorSync program, and the numerous language extensions called "osax", help the user navigate and get the most out of this powerful programming language.

As the Macintosh continues to expand and solidify its base in the multimedia and publishing industries, AppleScript is the tool of choice for creating sophisticated workflow programs, saving professionals and companies alike valuable time and money. Through auto-piloting repetitive tasks such as retrieving data and files from remote servers, and executing scheduled updates and errands, more gets done in less time and with fewer mistakes, resulting in reduced costs for time, materials, and staff.

As an in-depth and essential desktop reference, recommended by the Apple Developer Connection, AppleScript in a Nutshell is the perfect companion for those projects, putting the full power of this user-friendly programming language into every AppleScript user's hands.

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AppleScript in a Nutshell
By Bruce W. Perry
June 2001
ISBN 1-56592-841-5, 500 pages, $29.95 (US)

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