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New Edition of the "Definitive Guide to bash" Released O'Reilly's Learning the bash Shell

January 30, 1998

SEBASTOPOL, CA--bash, the Free Software Foundation's "Bourne Again Shell"--the shell of choice for Linux users around the world-is both the default shell for Linux and a replacement for the standard UNIX Bourne shell. Like the FSF's other tools, bash is more than a mere replacement: it extends the Bourne shell in many ways. If you are new to shell programming (a skill no UNIX or Linux user should be without), Learning the bash Shell is an excellent introduction, covering everything from the most basic to the most advanced features.

This second edition covers all of the features of bash Version 2.0, while still applying to bash Version 1.x. New features include one-dimensional arrays, parameter expansion, and more pattern-matching operations. In addition, bash 2.0 is POSIX.2 conformant. This updated edition covers new commands, security improvements, additions to ReadLine, improved configuration and installation, and an additional programming aid, the bash shell debugger. Whether you want to use bash for its programming features or its user interface, you will find Learning the bash Shell, 2nd Edition a invaluable guide.

What Critics said about the First Edition:
"This book is the definitive guide to bash, which is the shell of choice for Linux users... This guide is valuable whether one is interested in bash as a user interface or for its powerful programming capabilities... users of all levels will learn much that will make them more productive bash users...the authors have given Linux and other UNIX users and invaluable tool."-Computing Reviews, July 1996

"If you start to do any serious shell programming, Learning the bash Shell would be a most useful volume."-Linux Journal, July 1997

"This book can be recommended, particularly as an introduction to shell programming, for anyone using the bash shell. "-Sun UK User, April 1996

About the Authors

Cameron Newham is an information technology developer living in the United Kingdom. After completing a B.S. in information technology and geography at the University of Western Australia, Cameron worked for Australian Defense Industries for seven years. He is now an IT contractor based in London.

Bill Rosenblatt is author of Learning the Korn Shell; co-author, with Deb Cameron, of Learning GNU Emacs; and a contributor to UNIX Power Tools. He is director of publishing systems at the Times Mirror Company in New York City and a columnist in SunWorld Online magazine on the World Wide Web. Bill received a B.S.E. from Princeton University and an M.S. and A.B.D. from the University of Massachusetts.


Learning the bash Shell, 2nd Edition
By Cameron Newham & Bill Rosenblatt
2nd Edition January 1998 (US)
336 pages, 1-56592-347-2, $29.95(US)

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