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New Edition of "Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference" Could Be the Only Book a Web Developer Needs

September 27, 2002

Sebastopol, CA--The amount of information with which web developers need to stay current is tremendous. Apart from the seemingly endless list of acronyms--HTML, XHTML, CSS, DOM, and ECMA, for starters--web developers also have to know the details of a variety of web specifications and their implementation in each version of each browser they are developing for. The complexity is compounded by a lack of coordination between those who make the browsers and those who define the standards. "Unfortunately for the web authoring community, it is not practical for the various standards bodies and the browser makers to operate synchronously with each other. Market pressures force browser makers to release new versions independent of the schedules of the standards bodies," says Danny Goodman, author of the newly revised Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference (O'Reilly, US $59.95). But fortunately for web developers, the updated edition of this classic reference book once again provides a single source for all the information they need.

A favorite of web content developers since its first release, this book is an important compendium for web development. "Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, Second Edition" contains all the knowledge needed to create sensible single- and cross-platform web applications. The new edition has been updated to cover the latest specifications, including HTML 4.01, XHTML, CSS Level 2, DOM Level 2, and JavaScript 1.5, as well as the latest browsers--Internet Explorer 6 (Windows), Internet Explorer 5.1 (Macintosh), Netscape Navigator 6 and 7, and Mozilla 1.0. Goodman shows how these standards and technologies relate to each other and how the creation of Dynamic HTML content relies on these technologies.

The book includes:

  • A complete reference for all of the HTML/XHTML tags, CSS attributes, style document object model properties, methods, and event handlers, and core JavaScript objects supported by the various standards and the latest version of Internet Explorer and Netscape.

  • Handy cross-referenced indexes that make it easy to find interrelated HTML tags, HTML/SHTML validation support, style attributes, and document object model methods, properties, and event handlers.

  • An advanced introduction to creating dynamic web content that addresses the cross-platform compromises inherent in web page design and encourages developers to adopt the W3C standards.

"Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, Second Edition" is for any web content developer who wants to use DHTML to add sophisticated features to web pages and enhance the experience of site visitors. If readers have experience with basic web page creation, but are new to the world of dynamic content, then this book will jump-start their efforts. Experienced web programmers will find the browser compatibility information invaluable. This book is the only DHTML reference a web developer needs.

What the critics said about the first edition:

"If you already have a solid base in HTML then this is the perfect book for you to learn DHTML...an excellent book for anyone who wants to take their web site to the next level by adding DHTML. It's well organized and easy to read. A great resource for the beginner to the more advanced web designer."
--Linda Roeder, Guide for Personal Web Pages, about.com

"Danny Goodman's comprehensive 'Dynamic HTML: Definitive Reference,' also from O'Reilly, is near-essential reading for those using Dynamic HTML."
--Tim Anderson, amazon.co.uk

"Danny Goodman is a best-selling computer book author, and for good reason! His DHTML book is the best there is."
--Wendy Willard, A Web-Design Teacher's Recommended Reading List, May 2001

"Best of 2000: Computer Programming"
--amazon.com, December 2000

"If I were to choose just one book on HTML and JavaScript, I'd go for O'Reilly's 'Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference.' This provides a genuinely comprehensive overview of HTML, JavaScript, and style sheets. It is the most useful book I have come across."
--PC Pro, December 2000

"This is another of those books that you will wonder how you lived without it. Although not geared towards beginners, those with a little HTML experience will have no problem getting up to speed. O'Reilly has done it again, as 'Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference' is another gold mine of web development know-how."
--Scott Clark, Webdevloper.com

"'Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference' is a classic example of O'Reilly's expertise. The book explains every part of dynamic HTML more clearly than other books that I've read on the subject. The example code is quite clear and illustrations make the point after only a small bit of study. If you're an experienced web master and are looking for help or a reference guide as to how HTML can be augmented with the capabilities of dynamic HTML this book is for you. This is a reference on steroids after a big meal."
--Mike Mogan, New Media Review, January 1999

"I've also been asked about the best books for JavaScript and DHTML. Finally, an easy question! No matter what other books you get, you must have these two: 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition' and 'Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference' (both from O'Reilly and Associates, 1998), You can't possibly imagine how shallow and incomplete other books are until you've read these."
--David Methvin, Windows Magazine, December 1998

"Timely, comprehensive, and well organized, O'Reilly maintains a rigorous standard of excellence throughout their catalog...'DHTML: The Definitive Reference' is no exception, providing an exhaustive reference library of a critical web technology."
--Aaron C. Lyon, MacSense.com, August 1998

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Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, Second Edition
Danny Goodman
ISBN 0-596-00316-1, 1418 pages, $59.95 (US), $92.95 (CAN)
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