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Recipes for Naming Service Success: O'Reilly Releases "DNS & BIND Cookbook"

October 28, 2002

Sebastopol, CA--DNS and BIND are not particularly sexy subjects. But if you know what DNS and BIND are, the odds are you "need" to master them. Since 1992, network administrators have turned to several editions of Cricket Liu's book DNS & BIND, a book called the "bible" of DNS and BIND, and "one of the best technical books ever."

This fall, Liu has taken the topic of DNS and BIND another step with a new book: the "DNS & BIND Cookbook" (O'Reilly, US $34.95).

"As the Internet expands and evolves into a richer environment, the naming service becomes even more critical. A robust, scalable naming service is part of what makes it possible to build sophisticated applications that use the Internet as a platform," explains Liu.

The "DNS & BIND Cookbook" presents solutions to the many problems faced by network administrators responsible for a name server. Following O'Reilly's popular problem-and-solution cookbook format, this title is an indispensable companion to "DNS & BIND, 4th Edition," the definitive guide to the critical task of name server administration.

The "DNS & BIND Cookbook" contains dozens of code recipes showing solutions to everyday problems, ranging from simple questions, like, "How do I get BIND?" to more advanced topics like providing name service for IPv6 addresses. It's full of BIND configuration files that you can adapt to your sites requirements.

With the wide range of recipes in this book, you'll be able to:

  • Check whether a name is registered
  • Register your domain name and name servers
  • Create zone files for your domains
  • Protect your name server from abuse
  • Set up back-up mail servers and virtual email addresses
  • Delegate subdomains and check delegation
  • Use incremental transfer
  • Secure zone transfers
  • Restrict which queries a server will answer
  • Upgrade to BIND 9 from earlier version
  • Perform logging and troubleshooting
  • Use IPv6
  • and more

These recipes encompass all the day-to-day tasks you're faced with when managing a name server, and many other tasks you'll face as your site grows. Written by Cricket Liu, a noted authority on DNS, and the author of the bestselling "DNS & BIND" and "DNS on Windows 2000," the "DNS & BIND Cookbook" belongs in every system or network administrator's library.

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DNS & BIND Cookbook
By Cricket Liu
0-596-00410-9, Order Number: 4109
240 pages, $34.95 US $54.95 CA

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