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New Edition of .NET Framework Essentials Covers the Latest Release of .NET Framework and Visual Studio.NET

March 11, 2002

Sebastopol, CA--Whether developers of Microsoft-based software have watched the approach of the .NET Framework with anxiousness or eager anticipation, none of them have been able to ignore it. In the years to come, it is predicted that more than six million developers will build their applications using the .NET Framework, so that the question for each developer is not if he or she should make the move to .NET, but when and how to do so. In the newly revised second edition of .NET Framework Essentials (O'Reilly, US $29.95), authors Thuan Thai and Hoang Lam offer a succinct and technically detailed overview to help developers make the transition from traditional Windows programming into the world of .NET programming.

"The .NET framework is no longer in Beta, because the 2002 release-to-market version of Visual Studio.NET is finally here," explains coauthor Thai. "Developers with little knowledge of the .NET Framework will require a concise but thorough overview of this emerging technology, and the new edition of .NET Framework Essentials serves this purpose. We wrote this book with the intent that it would be the first book that seasoned developers would read for an understanding of the .NET Framework, so that they can hop right in and develop .NET applications and services. Developers will want a book that covers the 2002 release of Visual Studio.NET."

Thoroughly updated for the latest release of the .NET Framework, this new edition provides a technical overview that touches all the bases from the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Base Class Libraries to the specialized packages for ASP.NET, Web Forms, Windows Forms, XML, and data access (ADO.NET). The authors survey each major .NET language, including VB .NET, C# and Managed C++, as well as MSIL, the intermediate language of the CLR. Code examples and instructions in the book are up-to-date with the first official release of the .NET Framework SDK.

Specifically written for intermediate to advanced VB, C/C++, Java, and Delphi developers, .NET Framework Essentials will also be useful to system architects and leaders who are assessing tools for future projects. As Thai explains, "While this book is for any person interested in learning about the Microsoft .NET Framework, it targets seasoned developers with experience in building Windows applications with Visual Studio and Visual Basic. To gain the most from this book, readers should have experience in object-oriented, component, enterprise, and web application development. COM programming experience is a plus."

What the critics said about the first edition:

"Puts your mind in .NET mode. Get this one."
--Daniel W. Maltes, .NET Best Picks, amazon.com, November 2001

"Great book to understand the Framework."
--Kuntal Choksi, My Favourite .NET books, amazon.com

"Keeping with the O'Reilly tradition, an excellent resource on the .NET framework."
--rockyh_au, .NET The Bleeding Edge VB/ASP, amazon.com

".NET Framework Essentials leverages the knowledge of working Windows programmers to put the .NET Framework in context. Think of it as a springboard high enough to give you an overall view of the technology and enable you to dive in. A clear and lucid introduction to a complex new set of technologies."
--Steve Patient, amazon.uk

"The authors do a good job of covering a range of topics form the basics of .NET and the runtime environment to web services and how .NET works with XML. This single volume overview is superior to Microsoft Press's recent cluster of .NET titles."
--Chris Zeiner, "Library Journal," September 1, 2001

"This new book from O'Reilly provides seasoned Windows developers with a condensed overview of Microsoft's new .NET framework...I recommend this book for experienced programmers who want to familiarize themselves quickly and thoroughly with the current elements of this evolving new development platform from Microsoft. I give this book five stars out of five."
--Mitch Tulloch, SWYNK.com, October 2001

"One of the best .NET books I've read so far is .NET Framework Essentials by Thuan Thai & Hoang Q. Lam. .NET will be a fundamental shift in how you develop software for Windows, and now is the time to start getting your head around it. Even if you haven't loaded Beta 2 yet, .NET Framework Essentials is a fine way to start getting familiar with this brave new world of computing."
--Don Kiely, VBZone Book of the Week, August 21, 2001

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.NET Framework Essentials, 2nd Edition
By Thuan Thai and Hoang Q. Lam
ISBN 0-596-00302-1
307 pages, $29.95 (US), $44.95 (CAN)
1-800-998-9938, 1-800-827-7000

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