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O'Reilly Releases Frontier: The Definitive Guide

March 13, 1998

"Frontier is a really cool program," says author Matt Neuburg. "The more familiar I have become with it the more I have been astonished at its cleverness, its power, its elegance, its architectural beauty; every chapter in this book has been an eye-opening experience to write."

Neuburg's just-released book, Frontier: The Definitive Guide, is the first book devoted exclusively to teaching and documenting Userland Frontier, a powerful scripting environment for web site management and system level scripting. Packed with examples, advice, tricks, and tips, Frontier: The Definitive Guide teaches Frontier from the ground up, enabling the reader to join the ranks of thousands of Macintosh power users who make Frontier their "home base." It covers Frontier 4.2.3 for the Macintosh.

"Frontier isn't just a scripting language or a database or an outliner or editors or debuggers; it's all of these things. It's an integrated work environment. Not cobbled together, there are incredible connections between each of the components that make up the Frontier environment." says Dave Winer, president of UserLand Software. "I think its great that O'Reilly is publishing a Frontier book. Its a real milestone for us."

Frontier: The Definitive Guide shows users how to automate repetitive processes, control remote computes across a network, beef up their web site by generating hundreds of related web pages automatically, and more. "Frontier is big," says Neuburg, "even people extremely familiar with it comment routinely on the power and surprises tucked away in the crevices of the database." Frontier: The Definitive Guide was written to harness that power for both novice and experienced Frontier users.

About the Author

Matt Neuburg writes for the venerable online Macintosh publication TidBITS, and is past editor of MacTech Magazine. His online tutorials have made him a widely respected figure in the Frontier community. He has a Ph.D. in Ancient Greek and has taught at many universities. He lives in Ojai, California.


Frontier: The Definitive Guide
By Matt Neuburg
1st Edition February 1998 (US)
616 pages, 1-56592-383-9, $34.95 ($US)

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