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GIMP Pocket Reference Published

October 9, 2000

Sebastopol, CA--The GNU Image Manipulation Program-more affectionately known as "the GIMP"-is an open source image editor and design application that parallels Adobe Photoshop in functionality with one exception: it is free. The GIMP runs on virtually all Unix platforms, is included with most commercial Linux distributions, and can be downloaded freely from the Internet. However, this powerful image manipulation tool, with its hundreds of filters and functions, can be quite complex.

O'Reilly's latest release in the Pocket Reference series, GIMP Pocket Reference, explains those numerous features and is a concise guide for designers working in a Linux/Unix environment.

Based on the menu structure of the program, GIMP Pocket Reference covers the GIMP's latest version 1.2 and all the plug-ins and scripts that are a part of the standard distribution. It explains the function of every menu item and offers practical tips. The Appendix explains important terms of image manipulation and contains a table of file formats supported by the GIMP.

This little book was designed to help those new to the GIMP learn about its features, as well as to give experienced users a handy reference for quick look-ups of functions. In a remarkably petite 97 pages, it not only provides a concise but thorough reference, it also documents the many, sometimes hidden, features that make working with the GIMP more efficient.

The author, Sven Neumann, started to hack on the GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, in 1997, and since then he has become one of its leading developers.

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GIMP Pocket Reference
By Sven Neumann
September 2000
1-56592-731-1, 102 pages, $9.95

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