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David Flanagan Writes Java Foundation Class Follow-up to Popular Java in a Nutshell

October 12, 1999

SEBASTOPOL, CA--O'Reilly & Associates has announced the release of Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell. This new book by the author of the best-selling Java in a Nutshell, David Flanagan, is an indispensable quick reference for Java programmers who are writing applications that use graphics or graphical user interfaces. Flanagan's trademark fast-paced but friendly style can be seen in these introductions to the Java APIs that comprise the Java Foundation Classes (JFC), such as the Swing GUI components and Java 2D.

This book also includes quick-reference material for all of the classes in the javax.swing and java.awt packages and their numerous subpackages. This reference material covers all of the new JFC classes in the Java 2 platform, as well as the existing Java 1.1 AWT classes.

The In a Nutshell series from O'Reilly & Associates provides concise, high-end reference books at low-end prices, for sophisticated computer users who need the facts but not the frills. To the point, authoritative, no-nonsense solutions have always been a trademark of O'Reilly books. The In a Nutshell books raise that philosophy to an art form. In a Nutshell books have earned a solid reputation in the field as the well-thumbed reference that sits beside the knowledgeable programmer's keyboard. These lean, focused references offer practical examples for those who live in a deadline-driven world. This author, using this proven format, has created the JFC book that Java programmers have been waiting for.

This book is part of the three-volume set of quick references that every Java programmer needs. It is an essential companion to the soon to be released, Java in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition, which covers the key non-graphical APIs in Java 1.2. A third volume recently released, Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, focuses on the Java Enterprise APIs and is of interest to programmers working on server-side or enterprise Java applications.

What Critics and Readers Said About Flanagan's
Java in a Nutshell
"Like every O'Reilly title I've seen this one is excellent! All of the explanation you need, written clearly and enjoyably, but without useless happy talk and handholding.... It quickly explained a lot of topics that I didn't quite get when reading other 'more accessible' books...a must have."--Miles Parker

"Far and away the best book on the subject...[Java in a Nutshell has] a 'maturity' that's lacking in other books--the overall structure and organization of the book are very well thought out." --Alex Strasheim

"David Flanagan's Java in a Nutshell has quality stamped on its cover and embedded in its acid-free paper. O'Reilly has a reputation for books with terse, accessible writing and this book is no exception.... I'm sure this book will meet the needs of programmers everywhere who want to get up to speed with Java." --Dr. Dobbs

"The best printed Java material is O'Reilly & Associates' Java in a Nutshell. In typical nutshell fashion it is concise, packed with information, and not cluttered with fluff." --Roger Jennings

"I just got my copy of O'Reilly's Java in a Nutshell. I imagine it will become quite a hit. Many examples, and finally, reasonable class library documentation! An excellent book, and their lay-flat binding makes it even better. Flanagan's examples are great. The generic socket client and server are a great starting place for socket based applets.... --Shane Bouslough, comp.lang.java newsgroup

"After curling up with JavaNut I've become one." --Leslie Cuff

"I've got a shelf full of Java books, but the one I couldn't comfortably live without is Java in a Nutshell. Keep up the good work." --Robert G. Ferrell, System Administrator/Lead Programmer, Gemini Internet Marketing Services

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Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference
By David Flanagan
1st Edition, October 1999 (US)
ISBN: 1-56592-488-6, 748 pages, $29.95 (US$)

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