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JAVA/PERL TOOL AVAILABLE AS OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE Programmers Can Use Strengths of Two Popular Languages in the Same Environment

December 1, 1998

Sebastopol, CA--Java/Perl Lingo (JPL), software which enables programmers to use the use the strengths of both Java and Perl in the same environment, is now freely available as open source software. Until now, the tool has been available exclusively in O'Reilly & Associates' Perl Resource Kit -- UNIX Edition, a commercial product. JPL was developed by Larry Wall, creator of Perl and Senior Software Developer at O'Reilly & Associates.

JPL, available since November, 1997, is a unique project whose goal is to seamlessly unite the two popular languages in a way which lets them complement each other's strengths. Java excels at helping computers across a network or the Internet communicate and share data; Perl is used especially for system administration and interactive Web sites. JPL enables programmers to implement Java methods with Perl, and for Perl code to access Java via the Java Native Interface (JNI). It includes a translator and build system that make it easy to create JPL applications.

The JPL tool and its source code are available as part of the latest development release of Perl (version 5.005_54) and can be obtained at http://www.perl.com or ftp://ftp.funet.fi. Subscription information for the JPL mailing list is available at http://www.perl.org/maillist.html.

"O'Reilly has been a strong supporter of open source software, so releasing JPL as open source matches our company values," said Gina Blaber, Director of O'Reilly's Software Products. "JPL will benefit from the attention of the broader development community. Further, our Perl books and software are an important part of the O'Reilly business, so we want to thank and support the open source community by making the JPL source available."

O'Reilly first released the Perl Resource Kit -- UNIX Edition in November, 1997, and followed it in August with the Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition.

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