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Significant Update of Exploring Java Creates Just-Released Learning Java

June 1, 2000

Sebastopol, CA-- O'Reilly & Associates has announced the release of a significant remake of the popular book Exploring Java-- now titled Learning Java-- by Patrick Niemeyer & Jonathan Knudsen. "The text now reflects Java 2 SDK 1.3 and the authors have adjusted the book's focus to match the changing focus and maturation of Java itself: improved GUI programming tools, the emergence of servlets as an alternative to applets, the advent of APIs for multimedia, image processing, and collections," says John Posner, O'Reilly Java Editor.

Since it's original splash as a tool for creating blinking, whirling, and dancing web images, Java has grown into the language of choice for a wide variety of applications: secure network programs, image processing and multimedia, web clients and servers, and mission-critical enterprise-wide systems. In today's increasingly networked, thoroughly heterogeneous environment, Java's portability among all major computing platforms and rigorous security model has helped earn its popularity. And Java's use of advanced programming-language principles, such as objection orientation and dynamic memory management, makes it clean and easy to program. But as the language--and its uses-have grown and changed, so have the topics that Java texts need to cover. "The first edition of Exploring Java spent more time covering applets. Learning Java places more emphasis on Java as a general purpose, network-capable and network-secure programming language," says Posner.

"Java is a lingua franca of sorts," says Jonathan Knudsen, co-author of Learning Java. "I think it's gotten to the point where you can rely on recent CS graduates to know Java. Java is cropping up in so many places now, that it is prudent for any programmer to learn it."

The CD-ROM that accompanies Learning Java includes all of the book's example programs-more than 100-ready to compile and run. The examples range from simple "Hello World" demos to web servers, animations, and client-server systems. The disc also includes Java programming environments, including compiler and class libraries, providing you with all you'll need to start working with Java immediately.

What the critics said about the earlier edition, Exploring Java:

"Exploring Java is THE basic 'how-to' book when it comes to Java." --James Cox, Midwest Book Review

"An excellent book to get you started." --Steven W. Schwartz, SCO World

"...nicely integrates learning the Java language with actually using it for a web site this book reads like it was written by a real pro, and has the code (or examples) to prove it." --Nelson King, Computer User Magazine

"A clear, systematic overview of the language." --Web Techniques Magazine

"I bought Exploring Java mostly because it was published by the incredibly good software documentation house of O'Reilly & Associates. These are people who have made a good living by understanding that good documentation doesn't have to be boring or brain-dead... Exploring Java is intended to be the introductory book in a series of more advanced Java books. If this is the introduction I'm willing to bet that the series will be so masterful and accomplished that the series will eventually be the standard reference texts for Java." --Doug Shaker, Boardwatch Magazine

"An excellent primer." --Nicholas Petreley, InfoWorld Magazine

"Useful insight on how and when to use Java... more so than other introductory Java texts I've read, however, this book goes further, giving you a deeper sense of Java's power and utility." --Cary Jensen, Ph.D., Web Informant Magazine

"An in-depth discussion of the Java language a solid reference work that can provide insights to some of the more complex programming issues." --Ann Navarro, Law and Order Magazine

"A complete and thorough examination of Java it isn't a waste of a good tree." --James Powell, Telecommunications Electronic Reviews

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Learning Java
By Patrick Niemeyer & Jonathan Knudsen
1st Edition May 2000
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