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Find Oracle's "Hidden Jewel" With O'Reilly's "Learning Oracle PL/SQL"

December 3, 2001

Sebastopol, CA--"PL/SQL is one of the great hidden jewels that comes 'in the box' with Oracle," says Bill Pribyl, coauthor of Learning Oracle PL/SQL (O'Reilly, $39.95 US)."It's kind of like indoor plumbing--not very glamorous, but incredibly convenient." Written for anyone new to PL/SQL--a neophyte developer, a crossover programmer from another database system, or a new database administrator who needs to learn PL/SQL--this book provides a solid foundation in the most important aspects of PL/SQL, including web and Internet programming. Once they're on their way with the help of Learning Oracle PL/SQL, readers who aspire to PL/SQL mastery will want to get Oracle PL/SQL Programming (O'Reilly, $49.95 US), also by Pribyl and Feuerstein.

Learning Oracle PL/SQL starts with the basics, but presents increasingly complex concepts and tasks that will challenge even experienced programmers. The examples throughout the book are based on one project (a library electronic catalog), and culminate in one extensive set of tables and application system. Code for the examples is online at http://examples.oreilly.com/learnoracle/. The book addresses language features available in all versions of Oracle, from Oracle7 to Oracle8i to Oracle9i.

PL/SQL supplements the standard relational database language, SQL, with a wide range of procedural features that are all closely integrated with the Oracle database server. Coauthor and PL/SQL guru Steven Feuerstein says, "Most people are pretty surprised when they find out how many useful things you can do with PL/SQL, and how easy it is to program. It isn't 'Oracle's version of SQL,' as so many people seem to think. It's a full programming language in its own right." Learning Oracle PL/SQL covers:

  • PL/SQL - what is it, and why use it?
  • Syntax and examples of all core language constructs
  • Creating and reusing stored procedures, functions, and packages
  • Building web-based applications
  • Securing PL/SQL programs
  • Benefits of third-party developer tools
  • Connecting PL/SQL to email, Java, and the Internet

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Learning Oracle PL/SQL
By Bill Pribyl with Steven Feuerstein
December 2001
ISBN 0-596-00180-0, 401 Pages, $39.95 (US)

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