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Linux in a Nutshell Released in Third, Updated Edition

August 22, 2000

Sebastopol, CA--O'Reilly's latest edition in the popular In a Nutshell series, Linux in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition covers all the core commands available on common Linux distributions. "Linux is changing rapidly, and so are the needs of its users," says Andy Oram, O'Reilly Linux Editor. "Among the most significant features of this new edition are the in-depth tutorials on each of the three graphical interfaces that confront users when they boot Linux-KDE, GNOME, and the older, but highly stable fvwm. But that's not all. Anyone who wants to upgrade software uses a package manager. Our new Nutshell edition expands the discussion of the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) and includes a new section on the Debian Package Manager (DPKG). It's bound to be one of the most important Linux titles published this year."

A must-have book for any Linux user, Linux in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition isn't a scaled-down quick reference of common commands, but a complete reference to all user, programming, administration, and networking commands.

"Since the last edition of the book came out, Linux has made great strides in providing the kind of user-friendly environment with the kind of tools that users have come to expect from a windowing system," says co-author Ellen Siever. "The desktop environments have made life easier for users who don't necessarily want to learn obscure Unix commands and who want a friendlier environment. Improvements in package management tools have simplified the installation and upgrading of software. We've also added much more coverage of networking commands." In addition, the book also covers a wide range of GNU tools for Unix users who have GNU versions of standard Unix tools.

Linux in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition is a must for any Linux user; it weighs less than a stack of manual pages, but delivers everything needed for common, day-to-day use.

What critics and readers said about the previous editions:

Linux Journal 1999 Readers Choice Award Winner: "Most indispensable Linux book"

"A wealth of information and more accessible reference than the man pages. Locating the answer is a cinch and the amount of useful information is astounding. I often flip through the pages idly just to learn a new feature or function that I didn't know I needed. For the intermediate to experienced user, Linux in a Nutshell can prove an invaluable aid...this book is a real steal." --Suncoast Linux Users Group, May 2000

"Everyone who either uses Linux (or would like to) or any of the GNU tools, will appreciate this text as a valuable and exceptional reference. It will help the reader, no matter what his or her level of expertise or knowledge of Linux is. I highly recommend it." --Elizabeth Zinkann, Sys Admin, June 1997

"My favorites (Linux books) come from O'Reilly and Associates: Running Linux and Linux in a Nutshell." --Nick Cook, Amazing Computing, July 1998

"I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has a basic familiarity with Linux or UNIX and wants to learn more." --Cedar Valley Linux Users Group, April 2000

Online Resources: Linux in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
By Ellen Siever, Stephen Spainhour, Jessica P. Hekman, & Stephen Figgins
3rd Edition August 2000
0-596-00025-1, 800 pages, $34.95 (US)

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