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O'Reilly Launches Technical Portal O'Reilly Network's First Developer Center Provides In-depth Resources for Linux Community

February 1, 2000

New York, NY--O'Reilly Network has announced the launch of its technical portal (www.oreillynet.com) and, in conjunction with LinuxWorld Expo, its new Linux DevCenter (oreilly.linux.com). The portal provides deep technical resources and information for developers interested in open and emerging technologies, including new platforms, programming languages, and operating systems.

The O'Reilly Network, a subsidiary of technical publisher O'Reilly & Associates, has launched with five affiliates in addition to the O'Reilly Linux DevCenter: XML.com, Apache Week, MySQL.com, Servlets.com, and www.perl.com. DevCenters are planned for several of the affiliates, to be rolled out in 2000. More affiliates will also be added during the coming year, according to O'Reilly Network publisher Dale Dougherty. O'Reilly Network plans to sustain the sites through advertising revenue.

The O'Reilly LinuxDevCenter will be featured on linux.com through an agreement with VA Linux Systems. The DevCenter features original content as well as information from highly-regarded O'Reilly & Associates Linux books and authors. The site includes an up-to-date database of Linux distributions, daily news, weekly features, technical resources, in-depth tutorials, and the Linux discussion forum. The DevCenter is designed for system and network administrators, application developers, operating system developers, and Linux power users.

O'Reilly Network, created in Fall, 1999, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of O'Reilly & Associates, a technical information company that is recognized worldwide for its books, technical conferences, online resources, and Internet software. O'Reilly Network's chief visionary is publisher Dale Dougherty, who was one of O'Reilly & Associates' first editors, the publisher of Global Network Navigator (the first Internet portal and commercial website), and the publisher of Web Review. O'Reilly & Associates is the definitive independent source of information on the Internet, Java, programming, open source software, Windows NT and UNIX.


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