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June 22, 1998

Sebastopol, CA--Perl, the popular open source programming language, boasts a passionate and active community using and supporting it around the world. So it makes sense that O'Reilly & Associates, presenting Perl Conference 2.0, is tapping into the expertise and enthusiasm of Perl programmers themselves to provide some of the excitement for the Perl community's second annual conference, August 17-20 in San Jose, California. Complete conference information including online registration is available at conference.perl.com.

Highlights of this year's Perl Conference are the presentation of papers by users describing their real-world applications of Perl, and a contest awarding $1,000 each for the six best applications. A committee of Perl experts judged all submissions, and the 18 best will be presented at the conference. The name of the prizewinners will be announced at the conference. Papers to be presented include:

  • "Creating High-Performance Web Applications Using Perl, Display Templates, XML, and Database Content," Alex Shah and Tony Darugar, Binary Evolution, Inc.

  • "An Internet Banking Framework with Perl," Carlos de la Guardia and Javier Rodriguez, Aldea Internet

  • "Perl and Multiple-Byte Characters," Ken Lunde, Adobe Systems

  • "PDL2--Perl Data Language v2.0," Tuomas Lukka, Harvard Society of Fellows, et al.

The Guru Is In, another new feature this year, offers conference attendees the rare opportunity to meet in small, informal sessions with the guru-in-charge. Perl gurus will answer technical questions about all aspects of Perl, including networking and the World Wide Web, security, regular expressions, and MacPerl. Those currently scheduled to take on the role of guru include:

  • Lincoln Stein, creator of the widely-used CGI.pm module; author, How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site, (Addison-Wesley); and developer for the Human Genome Project

  • Tim Bunce, responsible for building and releasing maintenance versions of Perl 5.004 (the current version), and a major contributor to the development of the Perl language and many of its core modules

  • Mark-Jason Dominus, columnist for The Perl Journal and Perl programmer since 1992

  • Jeffrey Friedl, software engineer at Yahoo!; author of bestselling Mastering Regular Expressions (O'Reilly & Associates)

  • Chris Nandor, Perl programmer, author, and contributor to The Perl Journal, CPAN, and the Perl/MacPerl communities.

Perl Conference 2.0 also features a keynote presentation by Larry Wall, creator of Perl and senior developer with O'Reilly & Associates; intensive tutorials for beginning and advanced Perl programmers; Perl and Apache tracks, and workshops for active Perl core developers and module authors.

The first Perl Conference in 1997 was attended by more than 1000 Perl developers.

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