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PERL CONFERENCE 2.0 STARTS TODAY IN SAN JOSE Four Days of Tutorials & Conference Sessions Capped by the First Open Source Developer Day and Town Meeting

August 18, 1998

San Jose, CA--O'Reilly & Associates' Perl Conference 2.0 starts today and continues through August 20 at San Jose's Fairmont Hotel. The second annual conference brings together many of the most respected members of the Perl programming community, along with programmers and developers seeking to expand their skills. More than 1000 are expected to attend.

Keynotes this year feature Larry Wall, creator of the popular system administration and Web language, in his "Second State of the Onion Speech." Tom Paquin, "benevolent dictator" of mozilla.org, speaks on "Free Software Goes Mainstream: Netscape's mozilla.org."

New this year, there will be two Town Meetings, one for Apache and one for Perl, in addition to the Open Source Town Meeting, a separate event which takes place on Friday, August 21. All Town Meetings are designed to maximize audience interaction with panelists and each other, to help them envision and create future directions for their languages and communities.

Also new this year at the Perl Conference, O'Reilly has added an Apache track, for those interested in the world's most popular Web server, to be followed by "The Internet Quiz Show," a fun event hosted by Perl Journal editor Jon Orwant.

In line with the Perl community's tradition of mutual support, "The Guru Is In" sessions will offer a rare opportunity for programmers to bring their technical challenges to people who can untangle knotty Perl problems.

On August 20, in coordination with the Perl Conference, O'Reilly will start shipping the Perl Resource Kit-Win32, a compilation of books, commercial software, Perl modules and the latest release of Perl, version 5.005.

Perl Conference 2.0 will be followed on Friday, August 21 by the first Open Source Developer Day. This seminar presents practical information on business models, and legal, licensing and project management issues unique to open source businesses.

That evening will be capped by the first Open Source Town Meeting, which brings together such Open Source/free software luminaries as Tim O'Reilly, Founder and President of O'Reilly & Associates; Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU Project and President of the Free Software Foundation; Jim Hamerly, instrumental in the creation of mozilla.org and Vice President, Netscape; and David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo!, where depending on Open Source software is a way of life.


Perl Conference 2.0

Open Source Developer Day

Open Source Town Meeting

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