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New Version of the "Powerhouse of Perl" Released: "Perl CD Bookshelf, Version 3.0"

October 21, 2002

Sebastopol, CA--You've got a shelf full of essential Perl books and you're about to hit the road. Which do you take with you? This is a choice Perl programmers don't have to make. O'Reilly's latest release, The Perl CD Bookshelf, Version 3.0 (US $119.95) gives Perl programmers convenient online access to a library of O'Reilly's Perl books--all from a CD-ROM drive. Seven of O'Reilly's best-selling Perl books are included on this CD-ROM (4,259 pages of O'Reilly references and tutorials), fully searchable and cross-referenced, so programmers can search either the individual index for each book or the master index for the entire collection.

Included are the complete, unabridged versions of these titles:

  • "Perl in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition"
  • "Learning Perl, 3rd Edition"
  • "Programming Perl, 3rd Edition"
  • "Perl Cookbook"
  • "Perl & XML"
  • "Perl & LWP"
  • "Mastering Perl/Tk"

Packaged with the CD is the paperback version of "Perl in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition." Purchased individually, these books would retail for $279.65. In this exhaustive and ultimately portable format, they retail for only $119.95.

Formatted in HTML, "The Perl CD Bookshelf, Version 3.0," can be accessed with any web browser. No other resource makes so much valuable information so easy to find and so convenient to use.

What critics said about the previous edition:

A great example of what can be done on CD...you are sure to be impressed."
--Major Kearney, PC Update, August 2001

"The books have proven themselves to be worthy of being in every Perl programmer's library. Having them all in one convenient searchable spot is, of course, a huge advantage. The most portable way to get five Perl books from here to there."
--Craig Maloney, slashdot.org, July 2001

"A powerhouse of Perl."
--Anna Freeman and Steve Patient, Amazon.co.uk DELIVERS Computer Programming, June 2001

"O'Reilly's Perl compendium is, without a doubt, the ultimate Perl resource."
--Chris Russell, amazon.co.uk

"Instead of trying to create a single, massive volume that covered all aspects of the Perl language, they (O'Reilly) translated their most successful titles into a convenient, searchable HTML format and presented them all together on a single CD...an ultimate (and ultimately portable) Perl reference...the five books in this collection normally retail for $189.75, which makes the $79.95 (or even cheaper if you shop around) CD Bookshelf quite a steal! Heavily hyperlinked, completely portable, viewable on any browser, and instantly searchable thanks to a master index and Java search engine, I found this to be far more convenient than the print versions of the very same books for reference purposes. OVERALL RATING: 5/5"
--Kevin Yank, webmasterbase.com, June 2001

"The most useful collection of Perl books to date. 5 of 5 stars."
--jjhorner, Perlmonks.org, July 2000

"An exceptionally good idea."
--Steve Coe, Canada Computers, December 2000

"As with all O'Reilly books the entire concept is well thought out from beginning to end. You only have to mention the name O'Reilly and everyone understands what it means."
--Richard Ibbotson, Sheffield Linux User's Group, February 2001

"This CD is a very handy collection of a number of well-known O'Reilly Perl books. If you work on Perl-related stuff on various sites, a CD with the content of 6 books is much easier on your back to carry around with you. If you're a programmer who works on different client sites, this is great replacement for a stack of good Perl books. For a reasonable price, you get a truckload of information on a handy portable medium."
--Arjen Laarhoven, slashdot.org, December 1999

"...an excellent set of resources within a small package...an outstanding compendium of techniques, procedures, facts, and basics for any level of Perl programmer...This is an extraordinary collection. If you use Perl, you need the 'Perl CD Bookshelf.'"
--Elizabeth Zinkann, SYS ADMIN, November 1999

"I really had doubts about whether this publication would be of any use. Those doubts disappeared when I saw the product and realized that the search features could save oodles of time. I also plan to make judicious use of browser bookmarks so I can remember the common places in books that I need to access frequently...The prospect of being able to emit complex CD searches in addition to a well-constructed handbook makes it worthwhile."
--Peter Collinson, EXE, November 1999

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Perl CD Bookshelf, Version 3.0
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