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Programming The Access Object Models Using VBA and VBScript

January 31, 2000

Sebastopol, CA--Each iteration of Windows has improved the techniques used for transferring data among its applications. The leading technique is called Automation, which allows you to work directly with objects in an application's interface using their object models. But if you want to write code in a programming language, such as Visual Basic, in order to work with the apps that support Automation, you must understand the inner workings of an application's object model-or in the case of Microsoft's Access, it's two object models.

"When Access 2000 was released, the number of major objects in the Access object model had increased from 6 to 21. And because of the change in Help for Office 2000, it is now very difficult to get help on DAO objects from Access, especially from code modules where you need it most,"" says Helen Feddema, author of the just-released book, DAO Object Model: The Definitive Reference (O'Reilly $34.95). "The DAO Object Model is (and will be for some time) the primary tool for working with data stored in Access databases."

In many respects, Microsoft has made Automation the centerpiece of its vision for application development. An understanding of the object models is essential for developers who work with data in Access tables, or who want to manipulate components of the Access interface from other Office apps. Feddema's new book details the two Access object models, with code samples to use in VBA and/or VBScript. It will be *the* reference guide VB developers will reach for when working with data in Access tables or when manipulating components of the Access interface from Access, Outlook, Word, and Excel.

DAO Object Model: The Definitive Reference includes a CD-ROM that contains "Object Model Browser"-a powerful hierarchal object browser that makes it easy to identify where an object fits in the object model so that you can easily navigate to and from it. "Object Model Browser" will also allow you to determine which of the object's properties and methods return to an object of a particular type and which objects are externally creatable. This indispensable reference, combined with this invaluable browser will enormously enhance your productivity.

DAO Object Model: The Definitive Reference
By Helen Feddema
1st Edition January 2000 (US)
1-56592-435-5, 400 pages, $34.95 (US$) Includes CD-ROM

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