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O'Reilly to Carry RevealNet Knowledge Bases

July 8, 1999

SEBASTOPOL, CA--Technical publisher O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. is adding to its catalog three new knowledge base products from RevealNet, Inc., a Virginia-based company specializing in solutions to master Oracle, DB2 and Java. O'Reilly will be carrying RevealNet's knowledge bases for Oracle administration, PL/SQL, and DB2. These popular products, built from best practice knowledge, draw from the expertise and experience of top Oracle authors such as Steven Feuerstein, Michael Ault, Peter Corrigan and Mark Gurry, as well as DB2 experts Gabrielle Wiorkowski and Willie Favero. These knowledge bases provide real-world, practical solutions, making them both excellent online references and powerful learning tools.

RevealNet's Oracle Administration Knowledge Base is a comprehensive desktop reference for Oracle DBAs. It covers almost 2,400 technical topics with the ability to answer nearly 80 percent of the daily questions Oracle DBAs and system administrators face. The knowledge base includes more than 175 clippable documented DBA scripts, as well as Instant Messages, a utility that provides instant access to more than 11,000 Oracle error messages. The product is also customizable: Users can attach their own information or programs to any topic in the knowledge base.

This well-designed knowledge base organizes its topics around essential DBA tasks-database object management, administration and tuning, and network management--all presented in great depth. In the database object management section, for example, each Oracle object type is covered in detail with usage recommendations, syntax and numerous examples.

Earlier this year, O'Reilly and RevealNet announced a joint venture to produce a Java knowledge base, drawing from the 20 books on Java published by O'Reilly. This new knowledge base is expected to be released in the fall.

"These knowledge bases are the future medium for information delivery," says Steve Jacoby, manager of corporate sales at O'Reilly. "We're very pleased to add this cutting-edge technology to the many resources offered through O'Reilly."

About RevealNet
For the past eight years, RevealNet has concentrated on developing knowledge-based solutions and expert coding tools to keep Oracle projects on schedule and on budget. RevealNet's SQL-based products are tightly integrated within other host products from such major commercial software vendors as Platinum technology, Quest Software, Embarcadero Technologies, and Sylvain Faust Inc. In addition to expert knowledge bases, RevealNet products include Oracle code formatters, code generators, and code libraries. For more information, visit www.revealnet.com or call 800.738.3254.

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