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O'Reilly and HP Pioneer Initiative to Create Software-Development Model of the Future

May 14, 1999

Sebastopol, CA--O'Reilly & Associates and Hewlett-Packard Company today introduced sourceXchange, a Web-based service that has the potential to significantly impact the way in which software is developed by expediting collaboration between corporations and developers on corporate-sponsored open-source development projects.

SourceXchange, an affiliate of O'Reilly & Associates, was founded in conjunction with HP, the founding sponsor. The two companies plan to launch the service in early summer with an array of open-source development projects from HP that expand its commitment to open-source technologies. Pending a successful beta launch in July, sourceXchange will accept projects from other enterprise sponsors.

"HP came to us with a challenge," said Brian Behlendorf, chief technology officer for O'Reilly & Associates. "They wanted to further the development of specific open-source software projects, but they needed a better way to reach out to the wider developer community and coordinate the development process. HP makes for an ideal partner to launch the service, as they have made a very strong commitment to various open-source projects, including Linux, and their core business objectives are quite compatible with this new model for software development." SourceXchange was developed under the direction of Behlendorf, co-founder of the Apache project, a leading open source initiative, and core developer of the market-leading Apache Web server.

"HP wanted to make a lasting and visionary contribution to the open-source movement while demonstrating our faith in the open-source developer and development model," said Wayne Caccamo, manager of HP's Open Source Solutions Operation. "We partnered with Brian Behlendorf and O'Reilly to ensure that sourceXchange would become a reality."

"The sourceXchange is an essential step in the evolution of open source," said Tim O'Reilly, chief executive officer of O'Reilly & Associates. "In the past year, everyone from computer vendors to large end users have realized the immense power of the open-source software-development model. But it's often hard for companies to hook up with the right people in the open-source community. sourceXchange will change that. This new service brings the corporate world and the open-source community together on the Web, and gives them the tools to manage development projects online."

About sourceXchange
More than just a job-posting or recruiting Web site, sourceXchange is the industry's first vehicle to manage the open-source development process that protects the interests of both corporate sponsors and open-source developers.

The sourceXchange is a Web site that maintains a database of all published project RFPs posted by corporate sponsors, registers open-source developers and their teams, manages RFP responses from the developer community, and manages payment. It also will incorporate peer review and project milestones to ensure quality and reliability of each development project.

For project sponsors, sourceXchange can extend software-development resources and budgets with a simple, compelling outsourcing option that can improve time to market and open-source software-development predictability. Working with an intermediary also shields sponsors from the complexities of the conventional contracting engagement process.

For open-source developers, sourceXchange provides access to a database of challenging and enriching projects and a community of potential collaborators. Moreover, developers are compensated for their work in cash or in kind. The code developed will be contributed back to the open-source community to help accelerate the open-source movement.

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