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TCP/IP Help for Windows NT System Admins

October 30, 1998

Sebastopol, CA--O'Reilly's latest release, Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration, is the long-awaited, complete guide to setting up and running a TCP/IP network on Windows NT. Written by Craig Hunt and Robert Bruce Thompson-a team that combines Windows NT and TCP/IP expertise admirably-this new book will prove an indispensable guide for NT administrators.

Although Windows NT and TCP/IP have long had a close association, this is the first book to focus exclusively on NT networking with TCP/IP. It starts with the fundamentals -- what the protocols do and how they work, how addresses and routing move data through the network, and how to set up your network connection. Beyond that, all the important networking services provided as part of Windows NT -- including IIS, RRAS, DNS, WINS, and DHCP -- are presented in detail.

"The protocol wars are over and TCP/IP won. TCP/IP is now universally recognized as the preeminent communications protocol linking diverse computer systems," says co-author Craig Hunt, "Windows NT was the first Microsoft operating system that included TCP/IP as part of the basic system. And TCP/IP has been a part of NT From the very first release of the operating system. The availability of TCP/IP for Windows NT has helped to make NT a popular choice as a network server." Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration concentrates on the practical advice a NT System Admin really needs to know about TCP/IP to build a network based on TCP/IP and NT Servers.

What readers and critics have said about Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration:

"I must admit I have a soft spot in my heart for this book. I once bluffed my way into a situation where I was actually supposed to know this stuff, routing, DNS, etc, .and this book saved my, uh, Ethernet." --Shirley Duglin Kennedy, Information Today, March 1998

"The second edition of Hunt's superb book is even more useful and informative than the original edition...an extraordinary and outstanding revision of a classic and indispensable reference. Hunt illustrates each topic thoroughly and precisely. This is a necessary resource for any and every system administrator. It continues to be among the best books I have encountered. I highly recommend it!" --Elizabeth Zinkann, "Sys Admin", Sept 1998

"TCP/IP Network Administration" alternates gracefully between theory and practice, covering all the topics a typical TCP/IP administrator needs to know. Administrators who have the time to read the entire book will come away with a lot of useful lore." --Richard Morin, Unix Review, August 1993

"TCP/IP Network Administration provides a great service to network managers. Any network manager responsible for TCP/IP networking should keep a copy of this inexpensive reference nearby." -Network Computing

"Craig Hunt's TCP/IP Network Administration has more than 450 pages literally crammed with valuable information." --Peter Salus, Sun Observer

" TCP/IP Network Administration is the definitive volume on the subject." --Tom Yager, BYTE

"Anyone who reads this book, or even references sections of interest, will enjoy the practical, hands-on, real-life presentation of information by an expert who truly desires to make the network administrator's life easier. Plan to spend a few evenings with TCP/IP Network Administration; it's hard to put down." --Marty Koenig, Workstation, July 1993

"Craig Hunt's TCP/IP Network Administration is probably the best single Unix TCP/IP system administrator's handbook in print...This book is a `must' for anyone setting up or running a Unix-based TCP/IP network." --Anthony M. Rutkowski, SprintLink

"It's pretty darned good. Anything that can shed light on sendmail.cf hacking has got to be OK by my standards!" --Ian Hoyle, Senior Research Scientist, BHP Research - Melbourne Laboratories

"A clearly written, extremely helpful overview of TCP/IP from protocol basics to configuration of gateways, DNS, and sendmail...I have found this book an invaluable resource while configuring and managing all types of workstations." --Ray Duncan, Dr. Dobb's Journal, December 1994

What the critics and readers have said about Windows NT Server 4.0 for the NetWare Administrator:

"Thompson's combination of extensive, real-world NetWare experience and in-depth knowledge of Windows NT Server 4.0 makes him uniquely qualified to write this authoritative book. Windows NT Server 4.0 for NetWare Administrators is an indispensable resource for making the transition from Novell to Microsoft networks or adding Windows NT 4.0 servers to existing NetWare installations." --Roger Jennings, author of "Special Edition Using Windows NT Server 4 "

"NetWare administrators: Save time and stop pulling out your hair! Buy this book!" --Dan Gookin

"If you are thinking about making a switch from NetWare to NT, there is no better guide than this technical tutorial and reference." --Computer Literacy Review

"Windows NT Server 4.0 for NetWare Administrators really cuts to the chase. This book is a must-buy for NetWare administrators who are venturing into the brave new world of Windows NT -- it brings considerable light to that murky space where Windows NT meets Novell NetWare. It provides a concise guide to managing Windows NT, details the Windows NT TCP/IP services that will be unfamiliar to many NetWare administrators, and fully covers coexistence and migration issues. If you're a NetWare administrator looking for a thorough and reader-friendly guide to Windows NT administration, look no further than Windows NT Server 4.0 for NetWare Administrators." --Sharon Crawford, bestselling author of Running Microsoft Windows NT Server 4

"This book is now officially Hardcore's ultimate pick for CNE's wanting to be MCSE's. Get this book if you're an administrator of a network that consists of Netware and NT." --www.hardcoremcse.com, April 1998

About the Authors:

Craig Hunt is an expert on TCP/IP and the author of the best seller TCP/IP Network Administration. Robert Bruce Thompson is an expert on Windows NT and the author of several books on NT including the recently released Windows NT Server 4.0 for the NetWare Administrator.


Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration
By Craig Hunt & Robert Bruce Thompsom
1st Edition October 1998 (U.S.)
1-56592-377-4, 504 pages, $34.95 (U.S.)

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