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New Edition of O'Reilly's "UNIX CD Bookshelf" Released

February 24, 2000

Sebastopol, CA--You know that one of the O'Reilly UNIX books provides a solution to your pressing problem, but you can't remember which one. Or you're working at home or off-site, and you don't want to lug a shelf-full of books with you. Or maybe you don't yet have the complete O'Reilly library of UNIX books, and you don't have the shelf space to spare.

Computer professionals increasingly rely on the Web, online help, and other online information sources to solve information pain. The second edition of O'Reilly's Unix CD Bookshelf provides convenient online access to updates of your favorite books on your CD-ROM drive. The CD has a master index for all six books and a powerful search engine-and all the text is extensively hyper-linked-so you can find what you're looking for quickly. Packaged with the hard copy of Unix in a Nutshell, it takes up less than 2 inches of bookshelf space, and when you're on the run, you can just grab the CD and go. The six included books, purchased separately, would retail for $175.70, but The UNIX CD Bookshelf, Second Edition package retails for only $69.95.

The CD-ROM contains the complete text of:

Formatted in HTML, The UNIX CD Bookshelf, Second Edition can be read by any Web browser. The books are fully searchable and cross-referenced. In addition to individual indexes for each book, a master index for the entire library is provided.

What the critics said about the previous edition….

"Elegant…on my list of Unix training essentials" --David Evnull, PC Pro, June 1999

"A collection of six classic O'Reilly works, (that every UNIX geek probably has propped next to the coke machine) on a single CD. Hats off to the editors in Sebastopol, CA." --Mark Hall, Performance Computing, February 1999

What readers said….

"I just got a job with an UNIX consulting firm, and so I started wishing I could have the O'Reilly books on my notebook--I can't hardly carry them to each customer site! I suppose that I'm behind the times, but I just discovered your CD Bookshelf series. Exactly what I need, so I'm going to order all three of them. Great idea!"

"I pop in the CD while I work on some Unix stuff. It saves time and hassle. I get more ideas and learn new things in a unique way."

"Simply a great set…hyper-linked refs, outstanding value…this CD from O'Reilly is unbeatable. The Unix Power Tools alone is worth a lot more $ than the CD itself."

"THANK GOD FOR THIS CDROM!!! I feel that this CDROM should be in every user's PC. I have never been able to reference material as easily and as quickly as I can in this CDROM. No matter what scenario I'm looking for, it's in one of the books on the CD ROM. Yesterday, I couldn't figure out how to rename all of my files in my directory from an old extension .new to a new extension .old. All I did then was pop in this CDROM, type in that I want the search engine to search all 6 books, and type keywords RENAME AND FILE AND SED (I had a feeling Sed would help me), and BOOM, there's my information in two seconds FLAT!! This is the deal of the century!"

"Worth investing in, reclaims shelf space….Definitely worth the investment, cheaper than buying the hard copy editions, and easier to use as a reference. Five stars."

"Each of the six books by themselves are pretty good, the compilation and HTML format makes this, by far, the easiest and most comprehensive Unix reference material available."

"I am a traveling consultant--taking a whole library of reference materials was not possible. I of course carried the hardcopy Unix in a Nutshell. With The Unix CD Bookshelf, I have an excellent set of books at my fingertips without weighing down my suitcase. The search engine is excellent, very unintrusive."

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The UNIX CD Bookshelf, 2nd Edition
By O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
2nd Edition February 2000 (US)
1-56592-815-6, 624 pages, $69.95, Features CD-ROM

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