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New Edition of Web Design in a Nutshell Keeps Web Designers Up-To-Date

October 10, 2001

Sebastopol, CA--Even experts agree that it's very difficult to be an expert on the Web, if possible at all. There is simply too much to know, and once you have it all down, it changes. For many thousands of web designers, the first edition of Web Design in a Nutshell by veteran web designer Jennifer Niederst, came to be an indispensable, no-fluff guide to the information they needed to do their jobs. But since the book's 1998 debut, much on the Web has changed. "The difficult thing about writing about the Web is that it's a moving target, constantly changing and evolving," says Niederst, author of Web Design in a Nutshell, Second Edition (O'Reilly, US $29.95), "A lot has happened with the Web since I wrote the first edition. We've seen new technologies emerge and others fade away. The raging browser wars have quieted and the industry is inching towards standards compliance. Countless software versions have come and gone."

Web Design in a Nutshell has been thoroughly reviewed and revamped to reflect today's new web design environment, focusing on the front-end aspects of web design, such as HTML authoring, graphics production, and media development. "In keeping with the trends, there is a new emphasis on creating web pages according to standards--using HTML for structure and Cascading Style Sheets for all style information," says Niederst. "Although traditional nonstandard web tricks are still included for the sake of thoroughness, they are presented in a more cautionary tone."

The second edition of Niederst's book is a comprehensive reference for HTML 4.01 tags (including tables, frames, forms, color, and Cascading Style Sheets), with special attention given to browser support, platform idiosyncrasies, and standards. The book includes updated information on using graphics, multimedia, audio and video, and advanced technologies such as Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, and XML. There are also chapters on XHTML, WML and SML. New web designers, in addition to those who relied on the first edition, will discover that Web Design in a Nutshell, Second Edition covers every aspect of the tools and techniques they use every day.

"I wrote Web Design in a Nutshell because it was the book I needed," Niederst says, "one place to go to find quick answers to my questions." Niederst explains that even the most experienced designers get stuck occasionally, and finding the answer to a specific question can be a time consuming and frustrating process in itself. "Deadlines often can't accommodate a two-hour scavenger hunt," she says. Niederst's goal with the second edition of her book was to provide all the critical information web designers need in a single volume, so they can spend more time designing and less time hunting down obscure facts. She adds, "I'm pleased to say that this edition is a significant improvement over the last."

What the critics said about the first edition:

"As a reference book about design, Web Design in a Nutshell' is unmatched by anything else that I have read."
--Matt Mickiewicz, Webmasterbase.com

"The sheer amount of thoughtful fully indexed and clearly listed information make this book a must-have for anyone who works with web pages--beginner or not."
--CNET Builder, July 19, 2001

"Something of a classic, it is packed with excellent tips and handy reference tables."
--Tim Anderson, amazon.co.uk

"Niederst discusses everything a web designer needs, from basic principles and HTML to designing for multiple browsers, cascading style sheets, and XML. For a working web designer this book will be an invaluable quick reference, and it is written well enough that someone just starting out on the Web could also use it. Highly recommended for all libraries."
--James Cox, Midwest Book Review

"I recommend this book for anyone interested in learning more about web design. It's definitely a great resource."
--Wendy Willard, A Web-Design Teacher's Recommended Reading List, May 2001

"Comprehensive, covers browser idiosyncrasies, and is presented in a clean and well-indexed format"
--Randy M. Zeitman, www.CompBookReview.com, Feb 2001

"If you're going to design Web pages or just put up and maintain a home page, this book deserves a place on your bookshelf."
--Jacquelyn Sykes, PC Alamode, April 2001

"An excellent resource, this guide is full of helpful tables and lists, making it a perfect desktop reference. The book breaks down the huge topic of Web site development into understandable, readable segments."
--Web Tech Books, July 2000

"If you are totally broke, and can only beg, borrow, or steal enough to buy just one book, then this might just be the one!"
--Tari Akpodiete, BuildingTheWeb, June 1999

"Once again, O'Reilly delivers a spectacular book. I never thought it was possible to distill so many facts about HTML, including HTML 4.0, into an eminently readable and useful book."
--Deborah Lynn Wiley, Database, July 1999

"Encompasses every aspect of designing web pages; furnishes quick and easy access to a vast array of technologies and techniquess for effective web design."
--Forecast, June 1999

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Web Design in a Nutshell
By Jennifer Niederst
Second Edition, September 2001
ISBN 0-596-00196-7, 618 pages, $29.95 (US)

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